Benefits of Membership: Helping Members Succeed


Membership in the Northwest District Dental Association (NWDDA) is a tripartite membership. This means that when you join NWDDA, you are also joining the Florida Dental Association (FDA) and American Dental Association (ADA), all for one fee. Apply for or renew your membership right here.


What are Benefits of Membership with NWDDA?

Political Representation

The Florida Dental Association tracks and analyzes legislation affecting dentistry and health care in Florida. Intensive lobbying and political efforts protect you from over-regulation and unnecessary fees. You have representatives in Washington and Tallahassee through the American Dental Political Action Committee (ADPAC) and Florida Dental Political Action Committee (FLADPAC).

Discounted Quality Continuing Education

NWDDA offers many opportunities for maintaining continuing education, through the NWDDA Annual Meeting, and through many affiliate offerings. The NWDDA Annual Meeting offers mandated courses as needed, as well as relevant, top-notch continuing education for clinicians and staff alike. Members also can attend the FDA's annual Florida National Dental Convention in Orlando for special discount member rates.

FDA Services

FDA Services (FDAS) is a wholly owned subsidiary of the FDA. FDAS provides members with ALL the insurance they need for their practice. Revenue from insurance sales goes directly toward helping FDA programs and lobbying efforts.

Crown Savings

Members can take advantage of exclusive deals and discounts offered through the Crown Savings program. Members who participate save time, money, and hassle, putting the focus back on patient care.

Peer Review

Peer Review mediation settles litigation disagreements between patient and dentists more economically and efficiently than the legal system. This service is free to all members.

Referral Service

Members can obtain new patients through NWDDA's members-only referral program. Any member who wishes to opt out of this benefit may certainly do so.


Networking through the tripartite structure of NWDDA/FDA/ADA can assist you and your practice in insurmountable ways. Make a difference in your community by serving on a committee or acting as a volunteer for local events.

Tripartite Reinforcement

Tripartite membership also offers high quality insurance programs at competitive rates; access to legal information and state laws and rules affecting dentistry; new dentist support through discounted membership and a statewide mentoring program; practice assistance in times of need such as staffing shortages, contract analysis inquiries and disaster relief.

NWDDA Affiliates

As a NWDDA member, you also have the opportunity to be a member of one of four affiliate organizations of the Association. For more information on these local affiliates, click on the links below.

Bay Dental Society

Escambia-Santa Rosa County Dental Association

Leon County Dental Association

Okaloosa-Walton Dental Association

Membership Fees

The Florida Dental Association can provide you with information regarding membership fees. You may download a membership application.


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