2023-2024 NWDDA Executive Council

President, Dr. Reese Harrison
Vice President, Dr. Tracy Eckles
Treasurer, Dr. Sarah Howle
Secretary, Dr. Bradley Harrelson
Immediate Past President, Dr. Erin Sutton
Trustees, Dr. Reese Harrison, Dr. James "Eddie" Martin

FDA House of Delegates and Alternates
Dr. Jordan Harper, Delegation Chair
Dr. Brittney Craig

Dr. Nathan Hall
Dr. Chad Marshall
Dr. Sasha Minor
Dr. Erin Sutton
Dr. Toby Thomson
Dr. Greg Wood

Alternate Delegates
Dr. Tracy Eckles

Dr. Tricia Hess
Dr. Allen Litvak, Jr.
Dr. Daniel Melzer
Dr. Jenna Pascoli


Councils, Committees and Related Organizations
Council on Conventions and Continuing Education, Dr. Kaycee Wilcox
Council on Ethics, Bylaws and Judicial Affairs (CEBJA), Dr. Bradley Harrelson
Council on Financial Affairs, Dr. Greg Wood
Governmental Action Committee, Dr. Reese Harrison
Florida Dental Association Services (FDAS), Dr. Jenna Pascoli
Florida Dental Association Foundation (FDAF), Dr. Reese Harrison
Florida Dental Association Political Action Committee (FDAPAC), Dr. Daniel Melzer
Leadership Development Committee, Dr. Chinara Garraway
ADA Component Delegate, Dr. Reese Harrison