Peer Review

As a patient, you are encouraged to talk frankly with your dentist about your care and any concerns you may have. Sometimes, however, there may be an issue needing resolve which cannot be settled.

The Peer Review program is a public service of the Northwest District Dental Association and the Florida Dental Association. The primary purpose of peer review mediation is to resolve problems between you and the dentist in a fast, cost effective manner.

Mediation is voluntary and designed to resolve problems. You do not have a "right" to have us mediate your disputes. The Association does not have the power to award damages, it merely recommends settlement. There is no charge to either party and the process is confidential. The Association will not correspond with attorneys, or send reports to attorneys.

Requests for Peer Review mediation must meet the following conditions:

Complaints must be made in writing on a Peer Review Mediation Request form. Letters or other complaint forms will not be accepted. After reviewing your request, a mediator is appointed to attempt reconciliation of the matter. In almost all cases, the matter is settled. If mediation is not successful, however, a hearing is held whereby the patient can present his or her case in person and a clinical examination is performed by a hearing panel.